‘Taking the plunge!’ and indexing cycling photos

Chronologically speaking, ‘Taking the plunge!’ comes first …

The Society of Indexers runs a number of optional CPD courses throughout the year. Often they are suitable for anyone who is taking the training course or already a qualified and working indexer. However, during July I participated in the ‘Taking the Plunge!’ workshop, which is targeted at indexers towards the end of the course. As I’d already taken the Practical Indexing Assignment I was the most well-qualified student there. And I wrote the report of the session which has recently appeared on the Society’s website here. Now I just need to get on with some more marketing work and find some paid work as an indexer to make it worth having worked so hard to complete the course.

In other news …. The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 cycle ride was a total blast from start to finish, and it took me just over 7 hours to do the course, which was faster than Boris Johnson, and much faster than I’d anticipated in the run up. However, it was one of those things that I really didn’t want to be over and wished it could have carried on and never stopped. So much so that I’ve entered the ballot for next year’s event, and maybe I’ll take it slower next year. Of course, if the weather had been hotter, windier or wetter I wouldn’t have had such a nice time this year, so if I get in again I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for good weather again next time.

I don’t think I managed to get onto the TV coverage but you can find me pedalling away in still and video content if you look for me on the official photo website here. Which got me thinking about indexing photos, and how big a task that must have been – nearly 20,000 participants, if they all had about 30 photos is 600,000 entries. Some photos have more than one person in, I seem to have been teamed with a big chap in an orange top in a couple of mine, which reduces the overall number of pictures but increases the complexity of indexing more than one person per picture. We all had numbers on our bikes and on our helmets, so as long as they can see the number you get the right photos, and there’s a selection available of those that they couldn’t get the numbers clearly in. But they are very quick, they get all of that done in a couple of days. Big job, well done, Marathon Photos!

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