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Twittering about indexing, indexes, indexers etc

Since the start of the year while I’m waiting for some pdfs to arrive for indexing, I’ve been dabbling in Twitter to see what kind of things get said about indexing and thinking about how to engage with non-indexers and the comments they make. However, it’s not always so easy to find tweets about indexing of books, or other paper-based resources, as the term ‘indexing’ has been hijacked by computer search engine indexers and the Twitter search facility doesn’t always help to discriminate between the two sorts. Maybe it’s time to reclaim the word for ourselves, but it might be too late.

I have found examples of the following behaviours:

Happy New Year and “A Sting in the Tale”

Gosh, hasn’t time flown. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that we were putting up our Christmas decorations, but it is already 2014 and it’s back to school tomorrow. Actually, I’m a bit relieved it’s all over and it’ll be nice to get back to our usual routine. 2014 will bring its share of challenges, the first of which is likely to be the pdfs for a proper book index, hopefully at the end of January. More of that when it actually happens.

During the holidays I’ve not been entirely idle and have put together an index for Dave Goulson’s book A Sting in the Tale. I’d reviewed the index that was in the book when I looked at the indexes for the books on the Samuel Johnson award shortlist. You can download my index from here. Anyway, it’s a nice book and I’d encourage anyone to read it who cares even a tiny bit about the bumblebees and small creatures in our gardens and fields.