Tempus fugit – sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly

The clocks go forward at the end of March and suddenly it is another season, although given the weather this week I’m not sure yet what it is. But time has flown at a different rate for the members of the Hendon and District Archaeological Society.

I’ve been working on an index over the last few weeks for the Hendon and District Archaeological Society. This is a report of an excavation that took place 40 years ago, but the post-excavation work has been on-going over a number of years and has involved the society, a finds analysis course and some support from professional archaeologists, as well as historic document research and some specialist work by a pottery specialist to identify the origins of some of the medieval pottery. The resulting book is nicely illustrated with photographs of finds, of the features found on the site and various maps and historic photographs of the buildings in the area. I think they’ll be very pleased with the result.

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