About the Indexer

I am a Fellow of the Society of Indexers. I also hold degrees in European Archaeology from Oxford University, and History with Associated Archaeology from King Alfred’s College, Winchester (now the University of Winchester). I worked as a professional archaeologist, with Archaeological Services and Consultancy Ltd, Bournemouth University and Milton Keynes Archaeology Unit and I attained the Associate grade (AIFA) as a member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists.

I have recently indexed:

  • archaeological excavation reports on brochs, chariot burials and Stonehenge
  • academic books on a range of subjects including archaeological soil science and philosophy of painting
  • a biography of Richard Riemerschmid and a collection of papers on Edvard Munch and his world
  • the memoir of Nic Flemming, archaeologist and diver
  • collections of papers on a diverse range of subjects
  • books to accompany major exhibitions at the British Museum on Stonehenge and the translation of Egyptian hieroglyphs

Take a look at my INDEXING EXPERIENCE page for more information.

I worked as a researcher at Intertek, mainly in the areas of domestic energy efficiency policy and testing consumer products. My eye for detail and accuracy was appreciated by the Consumers’ Association when I worked for Which? magazine. A while ago I researched the (then) Department of Trade and Industry’s Guide to product recalls and at Intertek I managed product recall and consumer returns projects. I have a good eye for detail and I am able to work to demanding production schedules. I also worked as an elections specialist on electronic voting pilot schemes and helped deliver the first London Mayor and Assembly elections in 2000.

When I’m not working I enjoy running and walking. I am also learning to play the cornet and I am a church bell ringer. I’m happy to index books on these subjects and other general interest books too.

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