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more on Mortimer Wheeler

Going a bit off-topic with this, but I have been surprised to see how many people draw inspiration from the old chap, even though he died in 1976.

Draw was the correct term to use for this cartoon from the Institute of Archaeology:

Moshenska, G and Salamunovich, A 2013. Wheeler at War. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 23(1):12, http://www.pia-journal.co.uk/article/view/pia.436/554

and this cartoon about his moustache and a pun on the term EDM http://herbaljabbage.deviantart.com/art/Mortimer-Wheeler-s-Moustasche-165290137

followed by this cartoon about his pipe


However, the old chap was no slouch at illustration himself  having first considered a career in art and been influential in the development of archaeological illustration techniques, and I hope he’d be pleased that people are still inspired to draw him.